Sarah Palin “As Much A Scientist” as Bill Nye


If P = 0 ,and N > 0, does P = N?  I’ll give you a few minutes to work the problem out (a few extra if you’re Sarah Palin.)

130 nations from around the world are planning to sign an agreement to work together to combat climate change next week.  Since people can’t just be happy and leave things alone, however, a group of 150 climate change deniers met in New York.  Among them was former VP candidate and woman who always wants to speak to the manager, Sarah Palin.

The group met to discuss the  documentary “Climate Hustle,” a work done by Marc Morano that decries climate change as nothing more than a hoax.  The invitation-only crowd not only came to see the film, but also to listen to one of Palin’s classic speeches.

Fortune reports:  Palin wasted no time, attacking “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” (Nye, a science educator, is the host of a popular children’s science show.)

“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said. “He’s a kids’ show actor, he’s not a scientist.”

(She made the remark after a brief clip was shown of Nye, win which he said, good-naturedly, that he hope climate change deniers will be rejected by the American people.)

Palin bemoaned the fact that children are being taught to embrace the premise that humans are causing climate change. She said, adding, this is why “it’s so important for parents to be a greater influence than the schools.”

On one hand, yes, it’s always a good idea to get parents involved in a child’s education.  On the other hand, no, Sarah Palin is not as much a scientist as Bill Nye.  (You thought I was gonna get involved in the climate change debate, didn’t you?  Lol nice try.)

Let’s do a comparison, and try to be “scientific” about this.

Bill Nye’s qualifications:

Earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Cornell University, where he also teaches

Worked for Boeing where he starred in training videos, and was able to develop a resonance suppressor making use of hydraulic pressure which is still a part of today’s Boeing 747.

Starred in Bill Nye the Science Guy from 1993-1998, where he simplified and taught science to younger people.  He’s also held several other roles in many other shows, all of which involved teaching and explaining science.

From famous In 2010, he became the face of Oakland, California’s Chabot Space & Science Center where his Climate Lab featured the Clean Energy Space Station where he was the commander. The exhibit aims to show people the impact of climate change, and opens the eyes of the viewers on what can be done regarding energy consumption and how smart innovations can change the state of the world.

He also holds several patents and honorary degrees from prestigious universities.

Sarah Palin’s qualifications:

Earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications with an emphasis on journalism from the University of Idaho (but she travelled and studied at a lot of other places.)

Worked as a sports’ reporter before helping her husband’s fishing business

Got into politics by joining her city council in 1992.  She climbed the political ladder until becoming governor of Alaska, and then a vice-presidential candidate in 2008.  She resigned her governorship in 2009.

Currently in a state of political semi-retirement.  Frequently makes guest appearances on news shows, openly endorses Donald Trump and the Tea Party movement, and practically anything else that has a hint of conservatism to it.

Other hobbies include a short-lived TV series, writing books, and giving speeches.


While she has definitely led an active, interesting, and important life, is Palin as much a scientist as Bill Nye?  Well, to put it in a science-y way:  P ≠ N.

Sarah Palin Weirdly Attacks Bill Nye: ‘As Much A Scientist As I Am’


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