Mississippi Law Allows Guns in Churches

As the good book says, “Turn the other cheek, so thine eyes won’t be blinded by the muzzle flash.”

Mississippi governor Phil Bryant signed a piece of legislation into law which would allow churches to arm certain members of their congregation for security purposes.  This bill comes in response to the recent church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina.

POLITICO reports:  The Church Protection Act, as sent to Bryant’s desk, allows individuals selected by the church’s governing body to carry weapons into the church for protection purposes. It also does not require people to have a permit to carry a holstered weapon.

So it basically legalizes what I’m sure many Mississippians have been doing for years.  “I ain’t going to  no church without my revolver!  I’d feel right nekkid!”

The bill passed the House of Representatives 85-35.  The lot of the opposition came from the Mississippi Association of Police Chiefs, who worry about the lack of restrictions on who can get a permit.  They worry that this bill will put lots of Mississippi law enforcement in harms way.

The real concern, however, should really be how having an armed church will affect Sunday services.  I bet that tithing is really going to go up.

“Sorry, I forgot my checkbook…”  *Deacon pulls out pistol*  “But I did happen to find a couple twenties in my coat pocket!”

I suppose the real story should be that this wasn’t already allowed in Mississippi!


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