Gun That Killed Trayvon Martin Sold in Auction

Through the passage of time, certain items from certain times become iconic pieces of history.  Many people, from historians to simple hobbyists, spend lots of time and money collecting these items.  Military uniforms, old books, almost anything.  Weapons are a big collectors item, as one could guess.  Looking at things in that light, George Zimmerman is simply doing his part to preserve a piece of history by auctioning his gun.

George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted for the murder of black teenager Trayvon Martin, put the firearm up for auction on  Stating it was “an American icon,” Zimmerman has been trying for some time to sell the weapon.  His previous attempts have been thwarted by hackers, fake bids, and other auction houses refusing to held sell the gun.

The death of Trayvon, the OJ Simpson-level of media attention at the trial, and the controversial acquittal helped lead to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement.  So, Zimmerman is correct when he states that his gun is now an American icon and important piece of history, but is it really something that he should profit off of?  It would be the same as if the CIA *cough* sorry, I mean Lee Harvey Oswald tried to sell his gun after shooting JFK.

The BBC reports: Gun rights advocates have applauded him for exercising his legal rights under current US law.

There were two separate auctions being hosted on – one for prequalified bidders and one for the general public. said that the highest public bid of $138,900 (£95,219) by “John Smith” was not authentic.
“He was on the fake auction page, we had two auctions going at the same time,” they said in a tweet.

In an online posting to announce the auction, Mr Zimmerman said that he would use the profits to “fight” the Black Lives Matter movement and oppose Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Well, as long as the money is going to good use!

The actual winning bid, nor the winner him/herself, was not stated, but the BBC also reported that an unsuccessful bid of $65 million was posted by someone with the online handle of “Racist McShootFace.”

Now we all get to play the game everyone plays with strange Internet usernames:  “12 year old with less-than-ideal supervision, or actual racist?”