Transgenders Caused 9/11

I didn’t know George W. Bush was trans!

Member of the famous Graham family, and lady who would give you raisin cookies when you were wanting chocolate chip, Pastor Anne Graham Lotz knows the truth.  September 11th was not caused by terrorists, nor was it even a conspiracy by the government.  The horrors of 9/11 can be blamed on one group of people.  Saudi Arabia?  Nope!  The transgender community!

Speaking with radio host Steve Dance, they were talking about the craziness and moral degradation of America.  They were on the subject of the recent media firestorm over transgender rights and bathroom bills when Pastor Graham Lotz had this to say:

“In our nation, one of the things we pray for is that some of this craziness would settle down… [but] our nation seems to be shaking its fist in God’s face, we’re abandoning God as a nation.
“What happens then is God abandons us and backs away, he he takes his favour and blessing away from us.

[If we repent] I think he would begin to reveal the plots of terrorists before they are carried out, even the weather patterns he can control and protect us from violent storms.
“I think that’s why God allows bad things to happen. I think that’d why he would allow 9/11 to happen, or the dreadful attack in San Bernardino. To show us we need him.”

I mean… she isn’t wrong, per se.  Biblically, God does have a track record of smiting things, especially in the Old Testament.  On the other hand, I was of the opinion he dropped that act after Jesus did the whole redemption thing.  If God was really as furious with the LGBT community as this lady believes, wouldn’t the terrorists have aimed for a pride parade?


While we’re on the subject of our nation abandoning Christian principles and risking God’s wrath, doesn’t the Bible say something about women preaching?  Seems to me she’s picking and choosing which principles are the “wrath-bringing” ones.