Paul LePage Still Being Paul LePage

Maine Governor and political punching bag Paul LePage is still trying his hardest to stem the tide of illegal drugs that is hitting his state.  A commendable battle to wage, to be sure.  No governor could morally sit back and do nothing.  Then again, with his antics of “D-Money,” wanting to bring back the guillotine, and not wanting to “extend the life” of drug addicts, doing nothing may have been a better plan.

His most recent stunt has been every level of strange and pointless that we have come to know and love from the dear governor.  Speaking at a town hall meeting, Governor LePage told a story about a student of Deering High School who overdosed on heroin several times in only one week.  Newsman reports:

“A junior at Deering High School had three Narcan shots in one week. And after the third one, he got up and went to class. He didn’t go to the hospital. He didn’t get checked out. He was so used to it he just came out of it and went to class,” LePage said.

A rather unfortunate story, huh?  If only it were true.

The Portland Press Herald reports:

Portland’s acting superintendent, Jeanne Crocker, and Deering High School Principal Ira Waltz immediately came out strongly against the claim.

“Unequivocally no. This did not happen at Deering High School,” Crocker said.

Waltz said the school doesn’t even have Narcan on campus.

Maine Democrats, predictably, called for LePage to issue an apology.  They said that the high school did not deserve to have their reputation marred by false accusations.  Also predictably, apologizing is the last thing Maine’s governor will ever do.  Instead, he doubled down.

“I’m thinking of calling (U.S.) Attorney General (Loretta) Lynch and asking for her investigative arm to come up and look at the school systems in Maine,” LePage said. “I think it’s serious enough. I believe it happened.”

Well, belief in something always makes it true, doesn’t it?  The real question now, is whether Governor LePage knowingly lied, or was simply confused.  There was a reported overdose at similarly named Deering Oaks park.  A Deering High School student wrote a letter to the editor of the Portland Press Herald to throw in her two cents.

“The cold hard truth is that LePage apparently needed reasons for why he vetoed the bill (for naloxone to be sold without a prescription), and he did not have a solid reason. Therefore, he constructed some elaborate story about a Deering High School student who does not exist,” she wrote. “What I believe happened is that he was either confused or changed what happened last year in Deering Oaks, where someone had overdosed. What I do not understand is why he would change what actually happened.”

Confused and/or living in a fantasy world?  When has that ever happened before to a politician?