Bomb Detonated in Illinois Target Bathroom

I don’t want to go back to the Target bathroom debate! I was actually happy when that gorilla got shot because it meant there was finally something new! Now we’re back to the same discussion? I’m outraged that that brave gorilla died in vain!

A small explosion damaged the women’s restroom of a Target in Evanston, Illinois last Thursday. No injuries were reported, and police say a 44-year-old female person of interest was taken into custody. The police are looking into whether or not this attack was based on the store’s recent bathroom policy allowing transgender people to use whichever facilities they felt most comfortable with.

This bathroom policy has gained lots of attention as well as hatred, especially from conservative Christian groups. As of yet, police haven’t labeled this a hate-crime (since it’s only called “terrorism” if a Muslim does it.) Of course, there’s also always the chance that this was all a big misunderstanding. Maybe someone just had some particularly “explosive” diarrhea?

Small bomb explodes inside Illinois Target bathroom, police investigating link to transgender policy