Pokémon GO (Outside, for crying out loud! Get some fresh air!)

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was! …But it’s hot outside, maybe later.

You may have noticed something akin to a zombie apocalypse in your town. Herds of creatures that once were human shuffling down the streets, congregating in odd locations, and staring at their phones (more than usual.) Occasionally you might hear someone say “gotcha!” This is Pokémon GO, the game that finally figured out how to trick people into exercising.

Pokémon GO is an Augmented Reality* game. The game allows people to walk around their town, go exploring, and via the internet and the phone’s camera, catch Pokémon. It’s a lot similar to geocaching, actually.

The game has barely been out a week, and already it’s caught on like fire. Here in College Station, you can catch people playing it almost any time of the day (though a lot go out at night when it isn’t as hot. People playing the game can join one of three teams, compete against each other, and make young people do something that people have been wondering about for years: make them go outside and exercise. All it took was to take the videogames out there!

*Augmented Reality is slightly different from Virtual Reality. VR tricks the person playing the game into thinking they’re in a different world. AR adds the game into the actual world