Cameron Leaves, Britain Gets New Prime Minister

The Brexit referendum brought lots of sudden and unexpected changes to Great Britain. Not the least of these was a change of hands steering the government.

David Cameron, the guy who sort of started this whole mess in the first place by calling the referendum, promised to resign once it was clear Britain voted “leave.” His resignation wasn’t actually expected for a few months. However, Cameron decided it was high time to skeedadle and watch everything burn down from a safe distance.


“Just a spoonful of Brexit helps your legacy go down!”

Cameron’s resignation threw the political parties, already a bit chaotic from the vote, into a frenzy looking for new leadership. The last politician standing is a woman by the name of Theresa May.

So who is this lady who’s “won” the honor of keeping Great Britain together as it leaves the EU? NBC reports:

A male Conservative party grandee who served under Thatcher and supports May was last week caught in a “hot mic” moment describing her as a “bloody difficult woman.” The unguarded comment likely endeared May to grassroots party members who fondly recall Thatcher’s headstrong and stubborn approach to leadership.

The backhanded compliment has since been reclaimed by many women on social media and May also later embraced it, telling The Telegraph that “politics could do with some bloody difficult women actually.”

She added: “I think that if you believe in something strongly you should go for it and if that makes me difficult … “

May is only the second woman to be Prime Minister in British history. She is following in the footsteps of the Iron Lady and defender of the crumbs of the empire Margaret Thatcher. While she was also on the losing side of the British referendum, she has stated that she will obey the will of the people and begin working towards leaving the EU.

I find all this Brexit stuff fascinating, because there’s so much going on that I can’t imagine happening in American politics.

Cameron resigned after causing this mess in the first place. No American politician would do that? There’s the blame-passing and ignoring calls for resignation?

Theresa May disagrees with the direction Britain is going but promises to still obey the will of the people? That would never happen in the U.S.! The second the opposing political party gets power they spend the entire time trying to overturn or destroy the work of the other party. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

I guess I just don’t understand European politics.