Texas Cemetery Ends “Whites Only” Policy

Oh… So that’s why ghosts always wear those white sheets!

The San Domingo Cemetery in Normanna, Texas, has conceded that it’s policy of only allowing white corpses to be buried in it is, indeed, racist. They admitted defeat in a court case on Friday and will no longer continue this discriminatory practice. The case was brought to court by a woman named Dorothy Barrera when the cemetery refused to bury her late Hispanic husband.

The Texas Tribune reports:

According to the lawsuit, cemetery operator Jimmy Bradford told Barrera that her request to bury her husband at the cemetery had been denied by the Normanna Cemetery Association. When Barrera questioned the vote, Bradford allegedly responded that her husband couldn’t be buried there “because he’s a Mexican,” the federal complaint detailed. Bradford then directed her to “go up the road and bury him with the n—— and Mexicans” in the nearby Del Bosque Cemetery.
The Del Bosque Cemetery is locally regarded as the burial sites for Hispanics and other non-whites. There are no burial sites for Hispanic residents within the chain-link fence enclosure of the San Domingo Cemetery, according to the lawsuit. Just outside the fence is one headstone with a Spanish surname dated 1910.

Segregating cemeteries has been banned since 1948, however laws supporting the practice remain on the books in some areas of Texas. After all, what on earth is going to happen to the property values of those graves if an African American moves next door?

An overlooked issue that segregating gravesites leads to is a segregated zombie apocalypse. What happens if the dead rise and begin hunting the living? We can’t have segregated, racist zombies running around! And what if the white zombies rise first and eat all the people before the black zombies shuffle into town? Will we have to work on some form of zombie affirmative action? This is just causing more trouble that holding on to archaic Jim Crow laws is worth.