Sequel to “Passion of the Christ” Coming Soon

He died for our sins, and this is how we thank him?!

Mel Gibson, famous for his film The Passion of the Christ (among other things, has recently confirmed that the movie is getting a sequel. Because, you know, if any story needed a sequel, it’s the salvation of mankind and the basis of the Christian religion.

Fox News reports:

Gibson explained that the sequel will focus on Jesus’ resurrection.

“Of course, that’s a very big subject and it needs to be looked at because we don’t want to just do a simple rendering of it — you know, read what happened,” the actor added.

“Passion of the Christ” screenwriter Randall Wallace told The Hollywood Reporter that “there’s a lot more story to tell.”

“The evangelical community considers ‘The Passion’ the biggest movie ever out of Hollywood, and they kept telling us that they think a sequel will be even bigger,” Wallace said.

If they play their cards right, this resurrection (pardon the pun) of the Passion franchise could bring in lots of money. How long could they stretch the story of Jesus out?

Passion of the Christ 3: The Ascension

Passion of the Christ 4: Welcome Home

Passion of the Christ 5: Back With a Vengeance!

Passion of the Christ 0.5: The Bethlehem Prequel

Passion of the Christ 6: Judgement Day

Passion of the Christ 7: Infinity War (crossover movie with the Marvel Universe)

Hey, they can’t be worse than the Star Wars prequels!


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  1. george mckinney says:

    ” Back with a Vengeance” is the only one I would like to see. Got to wonder though; why would god murder his own son for “christ” sakes???


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