Putin To Revive KGB


*Knock knock*

“Who’s there?”


“KGB who?”

*BANG!* “We ask the questions here!”

Upon having his party recently win a very parliamentary majority in recent elections, Czar Vladimir Putin has plans to put together a security agency similar to the Soviet Union’s KGB.

This new State Security Ministry, or MGB, would be formed out of an alphabet soup of government organizations: the Federal Security Service (FSB,) the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR,) and the State Guard Service (FSO.) The purpose of the MGB is to “oversee the prosecutions of Kremlin critics.”

The Telegraph reports: Mr Putin served as a KGB officer in Soviet-era East Germany, and is also thought to have been responsible for keeping tabs on dissidents in his hometown of Leningrad, now St Petersburg. He headed the FSB from July 1998 to August 1999, before becoming prime minister, and has often quipped that there is no such thing as a former KGB officer.

“The KGB was one of the strongest special services in the world – everyone recognised this,” Sergei Goncharov, who served in Russia’s now disbanded Alpha counter-terror unit in the 1990s, told state media. Mr Goncharov also said the creation of the MGB would provide Russia with a “strong fist” overseen by a unified leadership.

The MGB is expected to be up and running by the presidential election in 2018, where Putin will most likely be running for re-election. Don’t worry, though, the MGB is only there to ensure that democracy makes the right decision!



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  1. george mckinney says:

    Every nation need a secret service so hackers will have something secret to find out about.


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