Does Groping = Assault?

On one hand, we’ve all jokingly said things in private that would probably disqualify us from the presidency. On the other hand, those things probably should disqualify us from the presidency.

After a video of Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” was released, lots of his Republican supporters have run for the hills. Why this was finally the tipping point out of everything he’s said, I’ll never know. However, not everybody has jumped ship. Some of Trump’s more staunch supporters are in for the long haul. One is even taking on an impossible task: defending the Donald!

Alabama senator Jeff Sessions insisted that everything has been blown out of proportion (and when has the media ever done that?) Speaking with The Weekly Standard, he questioned whether or not the actions described by Trump would actually count as sexual assault:


So, does non-consentually groping someone count as sexual assault? Common sense says: DUH, YES.

However, what does the law say? After all, common sense is so far from common these days, we need to see what the rulebooks say.

According to the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, under New York state law, sexual assault can be defined as, among other things:

Forcible Touching: the intentional and forcible touching of another done for the purpose of degrading or abusing another person or done for the purpose of gratifying the perpetrator’s sexual desire. This includes squeezing, grabbing, or pinching through or under clothing.

That seems to cover “grabbing her by the p—-.”


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  1. george mckinney says:

    Alabama Senator – Highly renowned & honorable I suppose. How else to become a Senator from such a prestigious state


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