Turkeys Dropped From Airplane on Arkansas Town


The small town of Yellville, Arkansas has recently celebrated its 71st annual Turkey Trot festival. This festival involves a parade, candy, and of course turkeys.

Every year, a plane flies over the small town and bombs it with live turkeys. For those older readers (or those who like old TV shows) I know this is almost exactly the plot to an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. It’s true, though!

WIBW reports:

“I believe it’s inhumane. I think maybe they shouldn’t be dropped out of a plane,” said Yellvelle resident Bobby Wilson.

However others were quick to defend the tradition.

“Turkeys can fly so they just glide down to the ground so I think it’s alright,” attendee Debra Brown said.

The Arkansas Game & Fish commission said that this is surprisingly legal, so there’s nothing that they can really do to stop it.

On one hand, sure, it’s probably cruel to the turkeys to throw them out of an airplane. On the other hand, this is small-town Arkansas. What else is there to do?!



One thought on “Turkeys Dropped From Airplane on Arkansas Town

  1. george mckinney says:

    Never heard of the ASST? That’ the Arkansaw Standard Stupidity Test which you must take and pass in order to live there. Turns out to be a perfect fit for “maybe We Are Stupid”


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