Venezuela Creates “Hugo Chavez Peace Prize,” Gives to Putin

Venezuela, the country you only think about when you’re trying to decide where not to go on your next vacation.

Last Friday, President Nicolas Maduro announced the creation of a peace prize named after the infamous late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. Now, while naming a peace prize after Hugo Chaves is similar to naming a “best summer camp” award after Hitler, the true irony comes from the first winner of this prize:

Reuters reports: “I’ve decided to create the Hugo Chavez prize for peace and the sovereignty,” Maduro said during a televised broadcast to unveil a statue of Chavez designed by a Russian artist.

“I think President Vladimir Putin deserves this Hugo Chavez award,” he said, describing Putin as a “fighter for peace.”

Maduro said winners of the prize will receive a miniature replica of the statue.

When I think of “fighters for peace,” Putin always comes to my mind!…just for different reasons.

Still, congratulations are in order for Russia’s president. I’m sure this award will look beautiful on his shelf, right next to an eerily red map of the globe that all James Bond villains have.


One thought on “Venezuela Creates “Hugo Chavez Peace Prize,” Gives to Putin

  1. george mckinney says:

    Hugo Chavez made mistakes, but you should not hold him up as a Hitler. The facts are that he strived to take his country out from under US colonial domination as many other S. American countries are now striving for. You can’t believe the media & government as they are trying to derail this movement – seeking to prolong the imperialist actions we have pursued in our own interest. Look up the “Monroe Doctrine” and it’s consequences.


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