£10,000 Prize To One Sentence Book

When it comes to creativity and artistic stuff, sometimes there’s laziness, sometimes there’s a stroke of genius, and then sometimes there’s just plain luck.

Mike McCormack, author of the book Solar Bones, has recently won the £10,000 Goldsmiths Prize. This award is given to works of fiction that “break the mold.” The book sounds like an interesting piece of supernatural/sci-fi: the novel follows the recollections of an engineer named Marcus Conway briefly returned from the dead.

What makes Solar Bones stand out, however, is that it is only one sentence long. The entire novel is one run-on sentence.

The BBC reports: McCormack, 51, called on more publishers to take risks with experimental authors.
“Readers are smart. They’re up for it,” he said.
“That was what the people at Tramp Press taught me. There are readers out there and they have been proved right.”

This man just made £10,000 (however much that is in real money) by doing one of the first things that got beaten into me not to do in English class! So, kids, the moral of the story is this: Don’t listen to your teachers, apparently they’re working with outdated information.



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