New Christmas Cards Show Nativity Scene in Modern Middle East

“Hark, the coming drone strike means, Kablooey goes this town and me!”

Christmas is a time to reflect on the past year, to spend time with loved ones, and to wish for goodwill to everybody on earth. Everybody, including the people that currently live in literally one of the worst places on the planet.

The Middle East hasn’t had a “Silent Night” for quite a while. The UK chapter of a charity known as “Doctors of the World” has launched a new set of Christmas Cards. These cards could be described as “alternative,” to say the least. The charity is selling Christmas Cards depicting the popular Nativity scene, but set in the modern day Middle East. There are four designs, including:

“There was no room at the Inn, because it got bombed yesterday”


“Well so much for that… Germany it is, then!”


“Three Wise Guys follow the wrong star”


And my personal favorite, “Peace on Earth… Permanently”


NOTE: not the actual names of the cards. I just added those.

The BBC reports: “We’ve launched this campaign in the first week of Advent to shine a light on the realities of life in the Middle East at Christmas,” said Executive Director Leigh Daynes.

“We want to provoke a broad public debate about the effect of the conflict on ordinary people at the time of year when many of us are thinking of loved ones, peace and goodwill.”

Doctors of the World was founded in France in 1980, but now has 15 offices around the world, including two Middle Eastern hubs in Jordan and Lebanon. The organisation carries out work with medics, midwives and psychologists across Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.

Personally, I think it’s clever and kind of funny. Then again, I also have a kind of dark sense of humor. These cards did give me a thought, though: You know we (or some other power in the Middle East) would probably be trying to drone strike Jesus if he were alive today. He’d get labelled a dangerous radical who was upsetting the balance of power… kind of like he was in the Bible.

Anyways, at a time of year when we’re supposed to be celebrating the birth of someone who taught a message of love, it’s good to think about how far away from that message we are sometimes. Maybe we’ll find a way to change that someday.


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