Electoral College Votes: Trump is President

(Note: sorry for the delay on this story.)

And so, the system of electing presidents that everybody forgets about every four years continues to work.

On Monday, the electoral college cast their votes for the next president of the United States. As was expected, the victory wen tot Donald Trump, making his election official. Despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, Trump won the votes that mattered in the long run. Of course, because this campaign season just refused to end, there was some last-minute drama involving electors switching sides or refusing to vote, and how that might shake things up.

The Sun-Sentinel Reports: It’s over, and Donald Trump officially will be president now that the Electoral College has selected him, 304 to 227. The mathematically inclined among you may notice that those two numbers don’t add up to 538, the number of electors. The election saw seven faithless electors, more than any other in recent history. But only two Trump electors voted against him. Hillary Clinton had five faithless electors of her own, with three voting for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, one voting for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and another voting for Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle.

As horrible a person I think she is, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for Hillary Clinton. She’s tried to become president for so many years, and then a moldy orange beat her! Then, to run salt in the wound after losing, she still had more members of the electoral college vote abandon her than Trump!

If you happened to be a Clinton supporter, don’t feel too bad. She’s a robot, and therefore can’t age. She’ll be ready to go for it again in 2020!



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  1. george mckinney says:

    American “democracy” at work. I do not share your sorrow for HC. She had the chance to really make a difference & chose her own personal ambitions above her country’s needs.


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