Trump-Themed Restaurant Opens in Iraqi Kurdistan

They’re gonna build a big, beautiful wall on the border and make Turkey pay for it. It’s gonna be yuge!

International relations have been confused ever since Donald Trump won the presidency. Especially in the Middle East, every faction involved is interested to see what the Donald does. One of these groups is the Kurds, an ethnic group living throughout the Middle East, especially in northern Iraq. The Kurds, who also are fighting for the creation of their own nation-state, are an ally of the West in their fight against ISIS. Donald Trump’s super-strong rhetoric against ISIS has made him many friends in the Kurdish world. So much so, that businesses are going up in his name!

CNN reports: …Nadyar Zawiti, has jumped on the Trump train particularly enthusiastically, naming his fish restaurant in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk after the US President-elect.

Zawiti heard Trump say during the campaign that he was a big fan of Kurdish forces, and called for the US to arm them in their fight against ISIS.

He’s hoping the incoming president will make good on his promise — so much so that he named his new restaurant Trump Fish.

“What I admire about Trump’s personality,” Zawite says, “is that he’s decisive, he’s tough, and hopefully with that toughness he’ll finish ISIS off.”

Trump Fish, as the restaurant is called, serves Iraq’s national dish of “maskouf.” According to the article it is oily carp cooked over an open flame… and I gotta admit I’d be willing to try it.

Trump Fish also got the Trump-flair perfectly by pasting the man’s face right on the sign, but in another Trump move stole it without crediting the original creator! This is the face of Trump Fish:


It comes from a 2015 article by Uproxx, which was mixing Donald Trump’s face and logos from NFL teams.

So there you go have it. If you’re a rather adventurous tourist that ignores travel-safety warnings, and you find yourself in Northern Iraq, go by Trump Fish and try it out! It’s oily, fishy, and a bit outlandish. It’s almost as if Trump built the restaurant himself!

Iraq’s Hottest New Restaurant Is ‘Trump Fish,’ And It Stole Its Logo From Uproxx


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