Taiwanese Funeral Features Pole Dancers and Marching Band

Takes notes, people. This is how I want my funeral to be someday!

Tung Hsiang, a local Taiwanese politician, died in December. His funeral was last Tuesday. Funerals are not only a time for loved ones to mourn, but it also a time for people to come together and celebrate a life. Lots of people talk about people wanting their funerals to be as cheerful affairs as possible when their time comes. The family of Mr. Tung Hsiang went above and beyond to make sure of this during the funeral procession.

The BBC reports: Videos of the funeral procession, which took place on Tuesday, have been circulating online showing skimpily-clad women gyrating on top of jeeps in the southern city of Chiayi.

His family said they wanted to honour Mr Tung, who loved “having a lively fun time”, local media reported.

The procession, featuring the convoy of colourful jeeps blasting loud music, brought traffic to a standstill in the city centre. It also had a drumming troupe, a marching band, performers dressed as deities and giant puppets.

Well, I think anybody could define that as a “lively time.” You can see a video of the funeral procession below:


I can only hope that I live a life that makes people want to host a miniature Mardi Gras parade in my honor! (hopefully not because they’re happy I’m gone… but I’ll take what I can get)

As it turns out, in Taiwan it isn’t uncommon to hire dancers or to have big, show stopping processions. This practice, according to the article, combined old customs of using professional female wailers at funerals and holding processions for religious holidays with a desire to celebrate the deceased with a big, bustling public event.

America is supposed to be a melting pot. We take the best parts of cultures from around the world and add them to our own. In this great nation of ours you can find food, cultures, and languages of almost every variety. I say that it’s high time America incorporates funeral-parades into our culture! What’s more American than making sure you congest traffic one last time before you’re laid to rest?



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