Blonde Moth Named After Trump

Let me tell you, this moth is the best moth, absolutely. No better moth around! You can’t find one! This is the greatest moth ever.

Donald Trump has already had lots of honors thrown at him throughout his life. He’s super rich, a business tycoon, and literally has buildings across the globe bearing his name. Also, if you’ve happily been in a coma the past year, he’s recently won the presidency in a truly hilarious and horrifying campaign.

There is one more honor to be bestowed upon the Donald, however, and that is ensuring his name will live on in posterity in the insect kingdom. A recently discovered species of moth has been named after President Trump: Neopalpa donaldtrumpi.

Here’s some snapshots of the little guy. This species can be found, according to the article, in California, Arizona, and Baja California… So get a good look, there’s a decent chance it may be deported soon:


Iflscience reports: Evolutionary biologist Dr Vazrick Nazari discovered the new species and named it in honor of the soon-to-be president. After sifting through a collection of moths from the genus Neopalpa, he noticed that a few specimens didn’t match the criteria for previously known species. For one, the study notes it has “genitalia comparatively smaller” than its closest relative N. neonata. Using DNA barcoding analysis and catalogs from various natural history institutions, Nazari showed that it was indeed a separate unrecognized species.

Dr Nazari said he named the moth as such because of its uncanny resemblance to Trump’s iconic hairdo. However, he also stressed that he hopes the name will generate interest in the species and promote conservation efforts for North America’s neglected micro-fauna.

So the moth shares the same hair color and style as Donald Trump. I’m sure this is just a fun-fact in no way related to the man we’ve elected, but it’s also got a tiny wiener. A tiny moth wiener. Even by moth standards this moth isn’t packing much. That’s small!!!

Well, congrats to Trump for getting his first animal named after him! Looks like he’s already following through on his campaign promise to create jobs. I mean, somebody’s got to go out there and start cataloging this new species!


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  1. Admirer says:

    Fake news? real news?
    Who cares? Will the good doctor be remembered positively? I guess it depends on your politics.


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