Mexico Still Not Paying For that F***ing Wall

I have a brilliant idea to build that border wall quickly and efficiently! Have Trump buy all the borderland between the U.S. and Mexico, and then every couple hundred feet build a Trump Tower. Lastly, just knock all the buildings sideways like giant dominos. Boom! You have your wall.

One of the biggest promises Donald Trump made during his presidential campaign was to build a wall along the entirety of the United States’ southern border. This is in hopes of controlling the influx of immigrants and illegal drugs from Mexico and other Central American nations. Hailed by Trump supporters as exactly what the country needs and mocked by anti-Trumpers as expensive, ineffective, and possibly even racist, it has been a controversial plan. Of course, that was just a “campaign promise,” wasn’t it? You can’t actually expect him to try and go through with it.

Real Clear Politics reports: Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily press briefing that the U.S. would be reimbursed for the cost of a border wall by Mexico, “one way or another.”

Trump said in an interview that will air tonight [last night] that construction of the wall will begin within months: “I’m just telling you, there will be a payment [from Mexico], it will be in a form. Perhaps a complicated form.”

(On an unrelated note, I’m predicting that Sean Spicer will be one of the bigger butts of the political joke of 2017… at least I hope so.)

Anyone else notice how have suddenly changed it from “Mexico’s gonna pay for it” to “Mexico is gonna pay us back for it?” I guess this is one of those “alternative facts” I’ve been hearing so much about.

This form of payment is also gonna be complicated. One of the complicated factors in this reimbursement probably comes from the fact that the border wall is an unpopular idea amongst some Mexicans, including one former president of the nation. In a tweet released shortly after Press Secretary Spicer’s announcement, Mr. Quesada made his thoughts quite clear:


No, no, he got it wrong! Didn’t he hear? Mexico isn’t paying for the wall! They’re paying us back for the wall. American tax payers are gonna foot the bill for this, because President Trump cares about the little guy.

On the bright side, this is a great time to be investing in the construction market… or the ladder and shovel market.


One thought on “Mexico Still Not Paying For that F***ing Wall

  1. george mckinney says:

    Walls don’t work, in the long term History proves that tight up to the present day – Look @ Berlin Wall for example. tRump is smart I’ll give him that. Keep the wall alive while everything else goes to hell. “Fixed Fortifications are folly. nothing but a monument to the stupidity of man” Somebody important said that, but I can’t remember who.


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