Patriots Win Super Bowl 51

I look away for two minutes and look what happens! Not even the Aggies could choke at the last minute as bad as the Falcons did! And, trust me, we’ve tried!

Super Bowl 51 was last night, as you might have known. The New England Patriots went up against the Atlanta Falcons ran around a field for several hours, chasing an egg-shaped ball, all for the honor of winning a trophy and getting showered in a blizzard of confetti.

Well, this year’s championship went to the Patriots. They didn’t exactly win the Super Bowl, however. It was more of the Falcons losing the Super Bowl.

Business Insider reports: After a scoreless first quarter, the Falcons forced a fumble and later scored on a Devonta Freeman run to take a 7-0 lead. Matt Ryan would later hit Austin Hooper for a 19-yard touchdown pass in the back of the end zone to make it 14-0 mid-way through the second quarter.

Things have not gone so well for the Patriots. Their first four drives included three punts, two Tom Brady sacks, and one fumble. Then, late in the second quarter, with the Patriots driving, Tom Brady threw an interception that was returned 82 yards for a touchdown and an enormous 21-0 lead.

The Patriots finally got a field goal on the final play of the first half and the score was 21-3 heading to halftime.

The Patriots needed a strong start to the second half. Instead, the two teams traded touchdowns in the third quarter. But Stephen Gostkowski missed the extra point for the Pats and it was 28-9 late in the third. A field goal mid-way through the fourth quarter made it 28-12.

But with about eight minutes to go, the Patriots got a sack-fumble, a touchdown, and a two-point conversion, and all of the sudden it was a one-score game, 28-20.

Then, after a miracle catch from Julian Edelman, the Patriots got a touchdown and a two-point conversion with just under a minute to play to tie the game, 28-28. And for the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, the game went to overtime.

In overtime, the Patriots drove the length of the field and got a pass interference call on the two-yard line. That set up the game-winning, walk-off touchdown from White and the comeback was complete.

Well, count me as ticked off! I actually don’t care much about football (at least compared to some other people I know) but I’m angry the Patriots won! Hate that team! Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. It’s probably ideas instilled in my while growing up and the culture around me mixing together into an inexplicable hatred for a specific group of people.

…So a bit like racism. A lot like it, actually. But it’s against a football team, so “Ballist?” “Teamist?” I like teamist, let’s go with that. Dang New Englanders, stealing our hard-earned Super Bowl victories! (Actually I don’t know much about those, I’m a Cowboys fan.)

Oh well. The halftime show and the commercials were entertaining, at least.


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  1. george mckinney says:

    I’m no fan either – but this is another victory for “Team tRump” Both Qback & Head Coach are outspoken tRump supporters.


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