German Trust in America at Record Low

Was it our spying on you? Or maybe our electing a leader that gave you some uncomfortable flashbacks? Or is it that we seem to have bipolar personality shifts every four to eight years? To be perfectly honest not trusting us it probably the safe bet.

A recent poll in Germany suggests that the nation’s trust in the United States is at a record low. Not an all-time low, mind you. I’d wager German trust in us was a lot lower back in the ’40s. That’s beside the point!

According to the poll (which is in German, by the way) says that trust in America is at an equal level of German trust in Russia… so not very good!

The reports: In total, seven out of ten respondents told research group Infratest dimap that the US is not a trusted ally of Germany at the moment.

That was a drop of 37 percent compared to a survey conducted in November, marking a record historic low for faith in the transatlantic partnership, Die Welt reports.

In the same survey, 21 percent of Germans said that Russia can be trusted as an ally, while only four percent said the same about Turkey.

Asked about their attitudes to US President Donald Trump, Germans expressed considerable disapproval.

Eighty percent of respondents said that the EU must work more closely to oppose the US president. Similarly, 67 percent expressed fear that he would harm the German economy, while only 26 percent said they thought it was a good thing that Trump was implementing his election pledges.

An American president actually doing what he promised to do? I agree, it is horrifying!

Well, I guess you can’t really have another World War without Germany being involved in it! Might be a little less clear who the good guys are next time, though…

(SIDE NOTE: Since I don’t speak German I can’t really do much digging on this poll. For all I know the “seven out of ten” they surveyed were only ten people. The site I got this from seems to be legit, though. Still, take it with a grain of salt. Don’t wanna be accused of propagating “fake news!” …Actually, since it paints our president in a bad light it’s gonna be called fake news either way!)


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  1. george mckinney says:

    Polls are like opinions; not relevant to reality & used mainly as entertainment for the masses.


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