CIA Declassifies Archive of Soviet Jokes

Yep, this is definitely stuff that had to be kept secret for the sake of national security!

The Central Intelligence Agency has recently declassified an archive of Soviet-era jokes. Why did they collect these jokes? That’s classified… which means even they don’t know. To be fair, however, a lot of what the American and Soviet governments did back in the Cold War rarely made sense. Reading through the document, though, really reveals some gems!


Our government spent decades telling us the Soviets were evil, socialist drones. Turns out they had about as much respect for their government as we do ours!


One thought on “CIA Declassifies Archive of Soviet Jokes

  1. george mckinney says:

    What is amazing to me, we actually pay people to “spy” and try to deceive each other. That’s what governments do & will seemingly never get over.


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