Man Stabs Himself to Get Day Off

Gee! When I want a day off I just say I’m too busy with homework!

For those of you who don’t know, Japan has an extremely workaholic culture. Nobody wants to be seen as slacking off. Everyone wants to be seen as dedicated and loyal. Nobody wants to go home before the boss does. This leads to ridiculously long hours and a shortage of free time. As one can assume, this could lead to some issues in the mental health department.

54-year-old Masaru Miura was apparently so desperate for a day off that he stabbed himself!

AMP 103.7 reports: Miura told police that he was stabbed in the hip by an unknown assailant early Wednesday morning. As police questioned him however, they found inconsistencies with his story, and Miura eventually confessed to stabbing himself with a knife he found near a subway ticket station at Nagoya Municipal. He was eventually arrested for interfering with police duties.

Now we all get desperate for a day off every now and then, don’t we? Everyone loves Friday and hates Monday. I don’t think it’s something I’d want to stab myself over, though.

Another thing: stabbing yourself is an arrestable offense?

“Sir, you’re under arrest!”

“On what charges?”


“But I stabbed myself!”

“Ah-ha! So you admit it was you!”

Apparently the stab wound wasn’t so serious that Mr. Miura had to be rushed to the hospital since the police clearly had time to question him.

On the bright side, it looks like he got what he wanted. Day off! Sure, it’s going to be in jail/hospital/psych ward, but considering he stabbed itself to get out of work it’s better than wherever he was spending most of his time!

Man Arrested After Stabbing Himself To Get A Day Off Work


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