WikiLeaks Exposes CIA List of Emoticons. :(

Somewhere in Langley there is a hard drive, possibly several, dedicated to this. Just let that sink in.

WikiLeaks has recently released a large dump of secret CIA documents onto the Internet. It was revealed, among other things, the extent of the CIA’s ability to spy on American citizens via phone and smart TVs. However, something else was released to the public, something possibly even more important! WikiLeaks revealed the CIA’s “secret list” of emoticons.

You know, emoticons. These things: ಠ‿ಠ

Emoticons are little pictures usually meant to represent facial expressions. They’re made by typing out special symbols on a keyboard. Some of the most common ones you can make on a Western computer are :), :(, and :/. Gaining access to Japanese text symbols, however, lets you make more complicated and detailed faces: ლ(◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ). Emoticons have become a bit obsolete ever since emojis came into play, but they’re still in use. Apparently, they’re still in use at the Pentagon. Just like the government, always up to date with their technology!

The Telegraph reports: A list of Japanese emoticons was found among the thousands of documents, allegedly taken from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), published by WikiLeaks.

The document, entitled ‘Faces of the Internet’, featured hundreds of Japanese text faces, or kaomoji, including the famous shrug gesture created from keyboard symbols.

Jonathan Liu, a spokesman for the CIA, said: “We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents.”

Some of the CIA emoticons can be seen below.


The entire list can be found on WikiLeaks here. This is, obviously, a disaster for national security. How can the CIA be expected to operate and keep our country safe if the whole world knows their “secret code?”



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  1. george mckinney says:

    How useful – always happy to hear our taxes are put to good use – like keeping secrets & bombing & killing things.


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