34% of Voters Favor GOP Health Care

Who knew that health care reform could be so complicated?!

After the election the Republican party has, at long last, the chance to defeat their arch-enemy Obamacare. While in the early days they spoke a lot of “repealing” the Affordable Care Act, they seem to have realized that people actually need health care. Thus they are now “repealing and replacing” Obamacare. Their replacement plan is working its way through Congress as we speak (unless you’re reading this from a distant future where this blog somehow hasn’t been censored by president-for-life Trump.)

As anyone who’s ever followed American politics knows, health care reform is a controversial thing. A poll by Fox News has revealed some of the people’s opinions on the Republican health care plan. Some of it has been, to say the least, predictable.

Yahoo Finance reports: Fifty percent have a favorable opinion of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. That’s unchanged from January, and up from 38 percent two years ago (March 2015). Forty-seven percent have a negative view of Obamacare.

Voters ages 65 and over (53 percent), lower-income voters (52 percent), women (56 percent), non-whites (69 percent), and Democrats (86 percent) are among the groups most likely to have a positive view of Obamacare.

So a poor, elderly, liberal, black woman is almost guaranteed to like Obamacare. Numbers don’t lie!

Nearly 9 in 10 Democrats oppose the GOP health care plan (86 percent).

It’s almost as if health care is politicized and neither side actually cares about getting good results?

What might be the most interesting part of the poll, however, is this:

Overall, 34 percent favor the current Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. And while a majority of Republicans favors it (69 percent), a sizable minority is either against it (15 percent) or unsure (16 percent).

President Trump gets negative marks on how he’s handling health care: 35 percent of voters approve and 55 percent disapprove. These are some of his lowest issue ratings, as he only performs worse on handling America’s relationship with Russia (33-55 percent).

I don’t know enough about the whole health care debate to really have a strong opinion. What I do know, however, is that there’s seriously something going wrong if Fox News admits that most people think the Republicans are handling things poorly.



One thought on “34% of Voters Favor GOP Health Care

  1. george mckinney says:

    The argument is really about who gets the money and how much. As always they want you to think they are worried about the effectiveness of the program for our citizens. If effectiveness was really the issue; we’d have had single payer since about 1950.


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