Bill Nye to Trump: Space is Cool

Bill Nye, one of the country’s most famous science guys, has recently posted an “open letter” to President Trump. This letter, in video format, is Mr. Nye’s plea to the president to not be stupid with America’s space program. In the video he makes five¬†recommendations as to what should be done with NASA and the space program.

1: Get to Mars (on the “off chance” humanity screws itself we’ll need a back up planet to survive on)

2: Orbit Mars first (It would be best to make sure we can actually get to Mars before we try landing on it. We don’t want to have to rescue Matt Damon… again)

3: Strengthen NASA’s science divisions (because SCIENCE!)

4: Embrace commercial space (Considering the current presidency, I bet there’s going to be a surge in people wanting to get off this rock)

5: The “Five-over-five” plan. A short summary of this plan is that NASA’s budget gets a 5% increase every year for the next five years. (Who doesn’t love a Christmas bonus in their paycheck?)

So, do you think Trump will listen to Bill Nye’s suggestions? As a longtime fan of sci-fi, exploration, and anything that increases my chances of one day leaving this planet I really hope so. If I were Mr. Nye, I would have mentioned the possibility of aliens existing, and we don’t have any way of stopping them from coming to Earth. NASA would have a wall-sized budget within a week.


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