Travel Ban Failed “Because Obama and Judge Did Drugs Together”

Fox News: We don’t jump to conclusions, we just justify yours.

After the president’s second attempt at a travel ban on Muslim countries was blocked by the courts, Trump supporters everywhere got angry. Many were angry, and many of them wondered why. Thankfully one Trump support, Mr. Sean Hannity, knows exactly why the ban was banned! The judge who blocked the travel ban used to smoke pot with Obama!

Esquire reports: “This judge who issued the travel ban ruling is an Obama law school classmate,” Hannity pointed out during his radio show on Thursday. The natural progression of thoughts then ensued. “Maybe he should have recused himself from the case. Just a maybe? Were they best friends in Hawaii? Were they part of the Choom Gang, smoking pot and hanging out and doing a little bit of weed and maybe even a little blow?”

The fact that Obama visited Hawaii a few days before this judge blocked the travel ban also raises some questions among ban’s supporters. According to Mr. Hannity, however, the fact that Obama and this judge are Hawaiian (depending on who you ask) and both attended Harvard at the same time is suspicious.

Obviously the populations of Hawaii and Harvard are both so small that it’s inevitable the two of them would meet, get high, and plot the destruction of America together! Sean Hannity, you’ve done it again! You cracked the code. Good job on keeping us all informed of what’s obviously going on!


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