God is a Polluter

I mean, it makes sense. He did scatter a whole bunch of humans across the planet! We know how bad those can be for the environment.

Last Saturday in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, Representative Scott Perry hosted a town hall meeting. That was his first bad move. Lately town hall meetings have caused nothing but trouble for congressmen, especially Republicans. Rep. Perry’s town hall was no different. The meeting was packed with constituents who were angry about a variety of things. One of the overarching complaints, however, was pollution.

Penn Live reports: Perry, whose district covers parts of York, Dauphin and Cumberland counties, was asked at the forum how he proposes to reclaim and protect air and water reserves with the proposed budget cuts to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Perry said appropriate levels of protection are needed and pointed to the Chesapeake Bay cleanup strategy that he said focused unfairly on point sources of pollution and “left some violators out.”

Okay, that’s not too bad. He admits that pollution is a problem but he wants laws against it to be more fair and not leave “some violators” out. Seems reasonable.

“Some violators, if you are spiritual and believe God, one of the violators was God because the forests were providing a certain amount of nitrates and phosphates to the Chesapeake Bay,” Perry said.

…And we come to Perry’s second mistake.

His response swiftly generated a round of heckling from the several hundred district residents in attendance.

I would expect so! For those of you who are curious, you can watch a video of the accusation against God Himself here:

In a strange way I get the representative’s reasoning. I mean, if God does something how can it be a bad thing? If God pollutes then polluting must be okay! So go ahead and toss those styrofoam cups and raw sewage into the river, it’s no big deal! It’ll just mingle with the naturally occurring nitrates and phosphates that got into the water by God’s will.

Besides, even if pollution is bad, all Rep. Perry wants to do is rework the anti-pollution laws to make sure that God Almighty, creator of the universe and all that exists, comes under the jurisdiction of the American legal system. No big deal!