Firearm Sales Shrink Without Obama

I guess you could say they shot themselves in the foot! …I’m hilarious.

You know Barack Obama? He was president once, not too long ago. You may have heard of him. Do you remember how he was always out to take away our guns? The NRA and many people on social media assure me that had been his plan. The fact that gun sales boomed during his eight years in office was nothing but a clever ruse.

Now that Obama’s out of office, however, our dearly beloved weapons are safe! President Trump has no plans to do any hippie-liberal crap like impose restrictions or background checks. We can expect the all-American gun industry to soar to new heights under this friendly administration.

Or can we?

Fox News reports: Fears of government limits on guns — some real, some perceived — led to a surge in demand during Obama’s tenure and manufacturers leapt to keep up. Over the decade ending in 2015, the number of U.S. companies licensed to make firearms jumped 362 percent.

“The trends really almost since Election Day or election night have been that gun sales have slacked off,” said Robert Spitzer, political science department chairman at State University of New York at Cortland. “When you take away Barack Obama and you give the Republicans control of both houses of Congress, which is extremely friendly to the gun lobby, then the political pressure subsides. And that surely is at least a key part of the explanation for the drop-off in sales.”

The Washington Post reported that the FBI conducted about 500,000 fewer background checks in December 2016 then in 2015. Gun sales this year have reportedly dropped about 17 percent.

“President Obama was the best gun salesman the world has ever seen,” Karl Sorken, a production manager at Battle Rifle Co. in Houston.

If you or a loved one is involved in the gun industry, I wouldn’t worry too much. Give it four to eight years and we’ll have another Democrat in office and everyone will panic again. Trump will bring all those sales/jobs back as sonar he’s out of office.


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  1. george mckinney says:

    The only use for a gun is to make someone or something dead. A testament to the American psyche.


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