White Supremacist Glitter Bombed

Glitter: The herpes of craft supplies

Alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer is known for causing a ruckus wherever he goes (even my college town.) His strategy, and the strategy of much of the alt-right is to deliberately cause confrontation to get media attention. Having a white nationalist ideology also helps with his speeches being inflammatory. What I’m trying to say is that protests are pretty common wherever Spencer goes.

Spencer’s latest news-worthy speaking engagement was in the U.S. capitol. He, along with a throng of alt-right supporters, were protesting President Trump’s recent airstrikes against Syria. The alt-right supported Trump not only for his non-PC attitude, but for his promises to keep us out of war in the Middle East. Plus, The chemical attacks in Syria only affected brown people, why should superior white America get involved?

As usual, the alt-right protest attracted a group of counter protestors, which in turn attracted counter counter protestors, and soon the whole area was a mess of people angry with each other.

… And then someone broke out the craft supplies.

The Independent reports: Tension between Spencer’s supporters and counter-protesters came to a head after the groups exchanged opposing chants. Anti-fascist activists shouted “f*** white supremacy” while the “alt-right” figurehead and his supporters chanted: “Commies go home”.

After alt-right protesters yelled, “Make America great again,” the opposite side responded with: “Make America punch Richard again.”

Footage shared on social media then shows the two groups scuffling and Spencer being approached by someone appearing to throw glitter at his face.

For anyone who is curious, this is basically what a “glitter bomb” is:


Pretty self-explanatory.

Spencer reportedly left the scene shortly afterward in a taxi. In a video posted after the rally, he talked about what happened:

“The car that was my getaway car was there and we couldn’t get into it because of the anti-fa (anti-fascists). So the police said ‘go get in that cab’ so we ran across the street”.

In the video, Spencer then appeared to mock his cab driver for having an Indian accent and joked that he hoped the driver had been punched by protesters.

I just got glitter bombed by an angry mob… I should make fun of my getaway driver! Great idea!

Of all the bombs that could have been thrown at Spencer, it’s probably best that it was only glitter. Completely non-lethal… except Spencer may want to just throw away his clothes. Glitter never goes away.



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  1. george mckinney says:

    I would say “only in America”; but that would be not correct. “Only on planet earth” would be factual.


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