Vatican Opens Laundromat for Homeless

“In the name of the water, suds, and holy spin cycle…”

Pope Francis has overseen plenty of reforms in the Catholic church. Now, though, he seems to be trying something completely new and radical: Caring about poor people.

The pope has opened a new laundromat near the Vatican to give homeless people a place to wash their clothes. The new washers and dryers are meant to provide a vital service to the needy.

The AP reports: The laundromat, near the Vatican, has six washing machines and dryers.

On Tuesday, Ciro Guardaccione was among the first to use the new machines. He carefully placed his clothing in the washing machine and watched it spin around.

“This is a fantastic thing, I would like to thank Pope Francis for everything,” he said.

The laundromat will remain open four days a week and services are free.

The only thing left to do is name the laundromat. As you can probably guess, I have a few suggestions.

“Holy Sheet! Laundry”

“Your Clothes are Holier Than Thou”

“Wash Your Sins Away”

and my personal favorite, “Deus ex Wash-Machina”


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