“Cal-Exit” Leader Drops Cause and Moves to Russia

Meanwhile in Russia, California is still too expensive to live in!


The news has been filled with “exit” stories lately. Brexit is slowly happening, Scotland is talking about breaking from England (again,) and there’s concerns of a “Frexit” depending on how France’s presidential election goes.

Did you know that there’s some “exit” talk happening here in the United States?

Now, I’m sure that my readers (especially Texans) all know at least one person who talks about how good their state would have it if it were an independent country. They can rattle off about how large their economy is, how they wouldn’t have to obey federal laws or pay taxes to “big government,” etc. etc. etc. Most of these separatist movements are pretty small, but they do get points for determination.

In California, the “Cal-exit” movement has hit kind of a minor snag: Its leader has given up on the cause and moved to Russia.

NBC reports: The drive to make the nation’s most populous state its own country, with what would be the world’s sixth-largest economy, has drawn extra interest after last year’s election of Republican Donald Trump as president.

But the Yes California Independence Campaign faltered after its president, Louis Marinelli, revealed ties to Russia. Marinelli said in a lengthy message to supporters Monday that he is seeking permanent residence in Russia because of his “frustration, disappointment and disillusionment with the United States.”

That could be a good travel slogan for Russia. Tired of life in totalitarian America? Come to Russia! No complainers here… at least for long!

Marinelli cited his struggle with U.S. officials since 2012 over his wife’s immigration status. He praised California officials for their attempts to shield immigrant residents from deportation and said his wife now has her green card.

When California one day becomes independent, Marinelli wrote, “I shall look forward with great satisfaction to return to California and to live once again under our bear flag.”

Oh! It’s not politics or personal beliefs that lead to this guy’s self-imposed exile. He just really likes bears! That’s cool to have a favorite animal.



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