Atheism is a Leading Cause of Poverty

Down on your luck? Obviously it’s because God’s mad at you. Have you tried giving more money you don’t have to the church?

San Antonio, like many cities, has a problem with poverty. The Texan city’s problem is especially bad, however, as 15% of San Antonio’s residents live below the poverty line. It’s an issue that the city government is working hard to deal with. Of course, poverty is a tricky problem to solve since there’s so many different situations that cause it: Drugs, race/gender discrimination, student debt, the list goes on and on.

According to the city’s mayor, the leading cause of poverty in the city is atheism.

The San Antonio Current reports: At an April 3 mayoral candidate forum, Mayor Ivy Taylor shared her surprising views on systemic poverty in San Antonio. To her, the “broken people” facing poverty just have a bad relationship with God.

Now, weeks after the forum, a video of her answer has gone viral. The video shows Taylor and fellow candidate Councilman Ron Nirenberg answering a question from Megan Legacy, the director of SA Christian Resource Center. She asks: “What do you see as the deepest, systemic causes of generational poverty in San Antonio?”

“I’ll go ahead and put it out there,” Taylor responds.

“To me, it’s broken people…people not being in a relationship with their Creator, and therefore not being in a good relationship with their families and their communities….and not being productive members of society. I think that’s the ultimate answer.”

Makes sense! Everybody knows that it’s impossible to be a good parent, spouse, or member of society without a belief in God! There’s no scenario where atheists have been shown to be good people! At all! Ever! In the entire world! Anybody who’s ever been successful has been a firm, Bible believing Christian.

Most poor people in San Antonio being religious (according to the SA Current) is just a bunch of hot air. If they really loved God, they wouldn’t be poor! Everybody knows that God promises his followers an easy, wealthy life.

The mayor said in a statement that the video was intentionally edited to make her look bad. The fact that the video was a livestream, however, would have made editing kind of tricky. Mayor Taylor (a Democrat, interestingly… I thought they liked poor people!) is running for re-election. It’ll be interesting to see if blaming the economic status of 15% of her constituents on their lack of faith plays to her advantage.


One thought on “Atheism is a Leading Cause of Poverty

  1. george mckinney says:

    Religion poisons everything. The fact that people of this caliber are now and vying to continue to be “leaders” is beyond stupid. There are many causes of poverty as you mentioned. Overpopulation is the #1 & religion is #2 – maybe in reverse order! Your generation will come to this conclusion and do something about it soon. That’s the only thing I have “faith” in.


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