Macron Wins French Presidency


France, proof that the third time really is the charm.

The results are in! After a highly combated and internationally watched election, France has chosen Emmanuel Macron, a relative outsider to politics, to be their next president. This skyrocket to power is thanks to his centrist stances and outsider-ness, but it helped to be running against the female equivalent of French Trump. By a margin of roughly 65% to 35%, Marcon has beaten the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

The Guardian reports: Addressing thousands of supporters in the grand courtyard of the Louvre, the vast Paris palace-turned-museum, Macron said he would defend France and Europe. He said Europe and the world are “watching us” and “waiting for us to defend the spirit of the Enlightenment, threatened in so many places”.

He promised to unite a divided and fractured France, saying: “I will do everything to make sure you never have reason again to vote for extremes.”

For those worried about the rise of populism, after Trump’s victory in the U.S. and the Brexit vote in Britain, Macron’s victory was much-needed. However, Le Pen’s Front National party has gathered enough support to remain in opposition to Macron’s attempts at keeping the wider European peace.

I’m sure that Macron can expect lots of future support and advice from her dear old ally the United States. After all, he’s the youngest president in French history! He definitely needs to learn the Art of the Deal!


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  1. george mckinney says:

    Simply WONDERFULL Hopefully, we’ll find our own Macron – Had it not been for the sold out Democrats we would have POTUS Bernie now.


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