Climate Change Could Unleash Ancient Viruses

Shut. Down. Everything!!!

Scientists, always the beacons of optimism that they are, have warned that global warming could potentially unleash viruses that haven’t been seen in the world for thousands of years. Some of these diseases, it’s theorized, have played a role in major extinction events in the past.

Maybe it’s not so bad as it sounds. Sure, we may lose some anti-vaxxers, but on the whole I’m sure modern medicine will be able to save us…

The Independent reports: Jean-Michel Claverie, evolutionary biologist at Aix-Marseille University in France, has been analysing the DNA content of permafrost layers since 2014, searching for the genetic signature of viruses and bacteria that could infect humans, and has found evidence of many bacteria that are probably dangerous to humans.

“Permafrost is a very good preserver of microbes and viruses, because it is cold, there is no oxygen, and it is dark,” he said.

”Pathogenic viruses that can infect humans or animals might be preserved in old permafrost layers, including some that have caused global epidemics in the past.

“At the moment, these regions are deserted and the deep permafrost layers are left alone. However, these ancient layers could be exposed by the digging involved in mining and drilling operations. If viable virions are still there, this could spell disaster.”

“If the pathogen hasn’t been in contact with humans for a long time, then our immune system would not be prepared. So yes, that could be dangerous.”

Who knew that global warming could be a double-edged sword?! On one hand, we get rid of Florida… but on the other hand we unleash a super-plague. Kind of a tough call, actually.

Well, the best thing to do is look on the bright side. If a super-plague gets loose traffic is going to be a lot lighter!



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  1. george mckinney says:

    Exceeds my capacity of things to worry about. You younger folks will deal with it I’m sure.


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