RIP Adam West

Instead of the regular news that makes you hate the world because of its stupidity, today we’re taking a short break to hate the world for taking away another tiny chunk of our childhoods.

Adam West died this weekend at the age of 88. According to reports he went peacefully in his sleep after a short battle with cancer.

Adam West has had some interesting television roles. The most well known being Batman.


He also played a totally-not-parody character “Catman” in The Fairly Odd Parents.


And Adam West also voiced the mayor (who just happened to share the same name) in Family Guy.


He also had a number of roles in movies, as well!

AOL reports: On the big screen, West played a wealthy Main Line husband who meets an early end in Paul Newman’s The Young Philadelphians (1959), was one of the first two humans on the Red Planet in Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) and contributed his velvety voice to the animated Redux Riding Hood (1997), which received an Oscar nomination for best short film.

I remember watching a lot of the old ’60s Batman shows with my dad when I was little. We still watch them from time to time. They’re silly and campy, but hilarious. Adam West had a great talent for making people laugh all while keeping a perfectly straight face. He will be missed!


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