Shooting in Virginia Targets Congressmen

This story may be a little light on the info today. I just woke up and this only happened maybe an hour ago (at the time of writing.)

According to reports, there has been a mass shooting in Virginia, targeting members of Congress. House Whip Steve Scalise has been wounded, as well as three other non-congressmen. 25 Republicans were practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game, a charity event to promote bipartisanship, when the shooting took place.

People Magazine reports: The gunman fired up to 50 times with a rifle before he was shot and wounded by Capitol Police, who were on hand, and Alexandria police officers who arrived within three minutes, [Senators] Flake and Brooks said.

The suspect has been described as a white male in his 40s or 50s.

Well, at least now we know this will only be called a “shooting” instead of a “terrorist attack.”

“I think that with absolute certainty nobody would have survived without Capitol Police. Just incredibly brave,” Senator Rand Paul told CNN.

An Alexandria police spokeswoman confirmed to PEOPLE that officers had responded to a “multiple shooting,” but would not name any victims or confirm that a group of Congress members were attacked. The spokeswoman said victims had been transported to area hospitals.

Police said in a tweet that the suspect is in custody and “not a threat.”

Well, as terrible as the situation is, hopefully it’s something that we all can learn from. This is what all the divisiveness in politics gets us. Thanks to Congress and overly-biased media, we now see anyone with “Republican” or “Democrat” tied to their identity as something to be hated and attacked, sometimes literally. What’s really ironic is that this shooting took place while they were practicing for a charity game meant to bring the two sides of the aisle together!

If you want updates on this story, I’d suggest checking an actual news source.

Mass Shooting in Virginia: Steve Scalise Shot at Baseball Practice, Report


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  1. george mckinney says:

    50-year-old white male with a batting average of 08 could not possibly be a terrorist – just a poor shot seems to me.


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