Pro-Life Lawmaker Beheads Chicken to Prove Point

In case you haven’t kept up with Missouri politics, the state governor has called for the second special session this year. The session is mainly to increase regulations over abortion, a contentious issue across the nation.

This new session is also a big opportunity for Representative Mike Moon, well-known in Missouri for his hardline anti-abortion view. He doesn’t want abortion just regulated, he wants it banned all across Missouri. He went about proving his point in a rather interesting way.

The Missouri Times reports: Rep. Mike Moon evidently does not believe Gov. Eric Greitens’ calls for an extraordinary session goes far enough to end abortion.

And to prove it, he killed and dressed a chicken and posted a video of the act to Facebook.

A transcript of the video follows:

“When the governor called for the second special session this year, I was right in the middle of my summer job. But like any good career politician, when I get the call (breaks to behead chicken), I’m going back to work. God gave us man dominion over life. He allows us to raise animals properly and care for them and then process them for food so we can sustain life. And that’s what I’m doing here with this chicken. So we’ve been called back to this special session for the primary purpose of supporting life, protecting the unborn specifically. I think we need to get to the heart of the matter here (pulls out chicken’s heart). So today, I’m filing a bill that will lead to the stopping of abortion in the state of Missouri and I hope you’ll support it.”

If you feel like watching this video, you can see it below.

Regardless of your stance on abortion, this guy’s argument has a few holes in it.

Firstly, starting your argument with “God gave us dominion over life” and then promptly killing something does not exactly demonstrate the sanctity of existence.

Secondly, and this is getting theoretical, if you read the book of Genesis it could be interpreted that God did not, if fact, create animals as a food source. In the Garden of Eden God gave mankind all the plants to eat (save for one very particular tree.) No animal was recorded being killed until after man’s fall. So, hypothetically, God’s original plan was for us to all be vegetarian… that doesn’t mean that I’ll ever give up hamburgers, but still…

Lastly, wouldn’t it have made more sense to smash an egg instead of kill an already born chicken?


2 thoughts on “Pro-Life Lawmaker Beheads Chicken to Prove Point

  1. Admirer says:

    The prolife movement is too important to have such silliness representing it. Appreciate that you point that out.


  2. george mckinney says:

    Missouri is the “show Me” state. As in; please Mr. Moon, show me your stupidity.


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