Maine Labor Dept. Fires 10 Due to Low Unemployment

Good/bad news! You’re too good at your job!

The state of Maine is facing its lowest recorded rate of unemployment. This is good news, but like all good things, there’s been unintended side effects. The side effect is that there are fewer unemployed people. Therefore, there’s lower demand for people to help the unemployed. As such, 10 people from Maine’s Labor Department are getting the axe.

The Bangor Daily News reports: The department said a low volume of participants means lower federal reimbursements, which would require the state to put in money to support those positions in the program, called the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment program, or RESEA.

“RESEA is a successful program because it helps people on unemployment get back to work earlier, but the current funding model is not flexible for low-unemployment states,” Paquette said in a news release.

She said the department will continue to help the long-term unemployed at the state’s Career Centers through the Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services program. And next year, she said the department will review its participation in the federal program.

On the bright side for the soon-to-be unemployed people, there’s a department up in Maine that can help you find a job! I hear they’ve been really successful.


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