Kentucky Town Elects Fourth Dog Mayor

Gonna take a bite out of corruption, at last! This town’s mayor can wait to sink her teeth into the job. It was a ruff campaign, too! You’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re looking for dirt on this mayor… well, maybe some literal dirt.

The town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, has recently held an election for mayor. As it turns out, the city’s residents seem to have a good idea on who they want running the show. They have a particular type for their mayor: Short, four legs, and furry. This general description fits the town’s past three mayors, and now their current one, a pitbull named Brynneth Pawltro.

WDRB reports:“She’s very outgoing,” Bobbi Kayser said.

“She has the best smile I’ve ever seen,” Jordie Bamforth said.

“There’s always inappropriate licking going on,” Kayser added.

You might be saying “wait, what?” They’re all talking about a Pitbull.

The treat-loving, woods-exploring, good girl is named Brynneth Pawltro. 

“There was a cat, the chicken, a donkey, a little boy,” Bamforth said.

Brynneth took them all down without much more than a bark. Believe it or not, the pooch is the fourth dog mayor to be unleashed on the city.

“It started in the late 1990s as a fundraiser,” said Kayser, who works with the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. “We charge you a dollar for your vote, You vote as often as you want.”

The town is so small it doesn’t need a real mayor. Usually, the money from the election goes toward town improvements, but this time it helped to repair the General Store after a devastating fire last year.

Here’s hoping that Mayor Pawltro has a good and successful term. I hear her stance on squirrel immigration is pretty tough, but she’s also very lenient when it comes to pets and snacks.


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  1. george mckinney says:

    There are those who say the best outcome is achieved when elected officials do NOTHING. Congrats on your new job – And you thought it would be forever before you landed a job.


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