You Can Mail Your Ashes to Republicans if You Die From Losing Health Insurance

For the sick, elderly, and morbid, what happens to your body after you die is an important question. Cremation is an option chosen by many (my preference as well, by the way.) With cremation, however, comes another question. What do you do with the ashes? Keep them in a jar? Scatter them at a sentimental and private location? Bury them?

Well thanks to a new website, should you die because you lose your health insurance, you can send your remains to Republican members of Congress!

The International Business Times reports: The website helps people get their papers in place in order to send their ashes to the GOP when they die.

The site says: “Will you die because of AHCA? Let them know.

Millions of Americans rely on protections and coverage from the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The Republicans new bill will gut these protections and many will die.

They deserve to know it.”

The site was created by Zoey Jordan Salsbury, an American University junior who won an award last June from President Barack Obama for her and another student’s volunteer work with the nonprofit MEANS Database.

Salsbury, who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this year and has depression and anxiety, said she plans to have her ashes mailed to congress if she loses her insurance and dies.

How does one respond to a box of ashes? Congressmen almost always reply to mail with some general, one-size-fits-all letter saying “Thank you for writing. We take X matter seriously, and are always working hard on your behalf. Thanks for the support!” Somehow, I doubt that would work when responding to a cremation package.

You gotta wonder what it’d be like for a Congressman to get a package of human remains in the mail. The dark humor of the situation could be increased a lot if you also get it written into your will that you want your remains to be placed in a spring-loaded box…



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