French Blogger Killed by Exploding Whipped Cream Dispenser

Hmm… A fitness blogger killed by an exploding can of whipped cream. That sounds more like a highly ironic hit by Big Whip than an accident!

Rebeca Burger, a well-known fitness blogger, was killed about a week and a half ago by an exploding whipped cream dispenser. According to reports the dispenser, which operates using a gas canister to apply pressure, exploded and struck Ms. Burger in the chest, causing cardiac arrest.

The BBC reports: The popular fitness and travel figure was well-known in France, with some 55,000 Facebook fans and 154,000 followers on Instagram.

One of Ms Burger’s family members took to Instagram, warning readers not to use the dispenser, saying that tens of thousands of “defective devices” remain in circulation.

One French consumer group has warned readers for years about faulty connectors on the gas capsules, causing them to break and expel at high speed.

The number of accidents prompted the government office for consumers to issue a warning, saying the accidents stretch back as far as 2010, and can occur at any time – even after years of use.

At least one manufacturer issued a product recall – but a year after that recall, only 25,000 were returned out of 160,000 sold, Le Parisien reported.

Randomly exploding cans of whipped cream. I’ll just add that to my list of things to worry about.



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  1. george mckinney says:

    Were it not for Facebook & Instagram poor Rebeca would have passed unmentioned & obscure. Is whipped cream a fitness food???


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