Kids Banned From Bingo in New York

BANG BANG BANG. “Police! Come on out, Ethel! We know you’re running underground bingo games. Make this easy on yourself!”

The state of New York has recently passed a new gambling law making bingo illegal for children under the age of 18. As we all know, kids have been flocking to the Den of Thieves known as “Bingo Night” to gamble away their savings and morality alongside retirees and the mentally ill. Thankfully this law will put a stop to those crazy kids and their horrid ways!

WHEC reports: The State Gaming Association says the law was updated to bring the minimum age for bingo in line with other forms of legal gambling.

“Grandparents that are regular customers, especially during the summer months, they do bring grandkids and younger teenagers in and they do play,” says Bob Gabbey of the Lancaster Knights of Columbus, “With this new law coming into effect, that’s going to severely impact our clientele.”

Kids younger than 18 still can go to bingo games, but they cannot play. 

I, for one, know that I get enough of a thrill just watching a bingo game being played. Good on New York for thinking about the children!


2 thoughts on “Kids Banned From Bingo in New York

  1. Admirer says:

    So funny !
    The younger you are the quicker you can respond when you finally notice you have BINGO. Puts the elderly at a disadvantage and, of course, gives the elderly with young relatives at an advantage.


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