Ducks Arrested for Loitering

Fourth of July is a busy time for law enforcement officials. With people buying legal explosives, drinking, and having a lot of free time, it should come as no surprise that something would eventually go wrong. Someone, somewhere, is probably gonna end the holiday that celebrates freedom behind bars.

What may come as a surprise to you is that this past Fourth is that a gang of ducks were the ones piled into a squad car.

…”Gang” of ducks? “Flock” of ducks? “Gaggle” of ducks? Whatever, I’m getting distracted.

WNEP reports: Four ducks were taken into Great Bend Police custody Tuesday night on the charge of loitering outside a Susquehanna County gas station.

Workers at the Pump and Pantry in New Milford noticed the ducks around the back of the store around 7pm Tuesday night, and that’s when they called police. Neighbors knew who the ducks belonged to, though, and everything was quickly sorted out.

“I was just so thankful they found my ducks and they took them in to be safe,” Osiecki [the ducks’ owner] said.

She says the Great Bend Police Department could not have handled the situation better. She says officers joked they even took the ducks’ fingerprints, or in this case, webbed footprints.

Glad to hear that they all made it home safe and sound. Also glad to hear that people can now safely go get gas without being harassed by loiterers looking to sell them Aflac.

Troublemaker Ducks Booked for ‘Loitering’


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  1. george mckinney says:

    Those are no ducks, their geese and you sure don’t want in your back seat. Ever heard the saying “like shit through a goose”


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