Owner of Gay Leather Bar Running for Governor of Texas

Leather? In this heat?!

Governor Greg Abbott announced his re-election bid last Friday in the city of San Antonio. Being a firm Republican in a firmly red state, it was initially assumed that there would be few, if any, real opponents to the incumbent.

However, that was before Jeffrey Payne came on the scene. Mr. Payne announced his bid for governorship the same day as Gov. Abbott, and a brief look at his credentials makes him look like a possibly serious contender. He is a business owner, a political outsider, and independently pretty wealthy (all big perks in the campaigning world.) His business is also located in Dallas, one of the biggest cities in Texas. He signed on as a Democrat last Friday, and has loaned himself $2.5 million for the campaign. All of a sudden, the race has gotten very interesting…

The fact that his business, The Eagle, is one of the most popular gay leather bars in the city will probably not be an issue during the campaign.

NBC reports: In a statement, Payne said Texans are tired of Abbott wasting time on “trivial legislation.”

“Texas needs a Governor who believes in Real Texas Values, like integrity, honesty, freedom and independence,” Payne said in a statement. “We need to stop wasting our time and money on trivial legislation and start investing in finding ways to help Texans, their families, and their businesses prosper.”

In an interview with CBS Dallas, Payne said he doesn’t think Texas voters will focus on his same-sex marriage — or, presumably, on his links to the BDSM-tinged gay leather community.

“If we don’t have compromise, and compassion for one another, we’re never going to reach a resolution,” Payne told CBS Dallas on Friday.

Gregg “That’s How I Roll” Abbot versus Jeffrey “That’s How I Roll” Payne. Yes, this is going to be interesting.



One thought on “Owner of Gay Leather Bar Running for Governor of Texas

  1. george mckinney says:

    I do not even know Jeffery, but I’ll be voting for him for sure. Being a Democrat, he’ll have about as much chance as a fart in a hurricane. Texans especially love them some racist, narcissistic, Christian Republicans doing gods’ work. Afterall, what could be more important than who gets to use which bathroom.


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