0% Turnout for Iowa Town Election

Who says local politics aren’t important? Apparently all of the locals!

Voter apathy has been the concern of the politically-minded for years. Democracy only works when people participate, after all. The town of McIntire, Iowa, just hit a record low with their voter participation. In fact, they hit the lowest number you can: Zero.

NBC reports: Apparently it was a not-so-special election in the tiny town of McIntire, Iowa, where none of its 70 registered voters showed up to cast ballots.

Tuesday’s ballot asked two questions: Should the term of the mayor be raised to four years from two, and should the terms of council members be raised to four years, staggered, from two years.

A Mitchell County deputy auditor, Barbara Baldwin, told the Mason City Globe Gazette that the poll workers didn’t even vote. None of them live in McIntire.

So is this one of those “no news is good news” situations? If nobody in town thought that it was important than it must mean that the city government is doing ok! Might as well keep everybody on board a while longer.

Besides, if none of the 70 people in town ever bother to vote, it would make sense to extend the terms so they don’t have to bother with elections as often.!



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