Child Molesters Caught Due to Large Font Texts

The moral of this story: Invest in a good pair of glasses. Oh, also don’t be a child molester.

The snooping of a nursery school teacher on a Seattle-San Jose flight lead to the arrest of two pedophiles. The inciting incident? A large font on text messages.

The BBC reports: The woman, who has not been named, was able to read the messages of the man in front of her on the Seattle-San Jose flight because they were in a large font on a large smart phone.

She took pictures of the screen and informed airline staff, police say. 

It led to the arrests of Michael Kellar, and later Gail Burnworth.

Two children, aged five and seven, have been identified as the alleged victims.

Southwest Airlines employees alerted police to the texts. After landing at Mineta San Jose International Airport, in California, Mr Kellar was detained on the spot.

Mr. Keller ended up being arrested, and shortly afterwards the woman on the other end of the text conversation, Ms. Burnworth, was also arrested. Police also discovered two reported victims, aged 5 and 7.

I know that people can get sucked into their screen when they’re  looking at something they’re really interested in, but this dude didn’t notice the woman behind him taking pictures?! That’s some pretty bad awareness of your surroundings.

Also, why are you talking about abusing children while you’re in an airplane? And over text message? You know that they keep records of those? You would think that child molesters would be more careful…


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  1. george mckinney says:

    Sexual arousal & careful do not mix well. The human need to flaunt our mastery of anything requires we share with others our conquest.


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