The opinions, sense of humor, and political/religious leanings expressed in this blog do not necessarily represent the opinions, sense of humor or political/religious leanings of any person or organization who happens to be employing me at the time.  This blog is merely a hobby of mine, and should not be taken as a representation of anyone who pays me… Unless somebody would like to pay me for this blog.  I mean, I wouldn’t complain.

Well, my name is Caleb Vierkant.  I’m a journalism major, and this blog is really my entire JOUR 250 class.  I decided that I would write about any news stories that I find amusing (or I could make amusing.)

I like to think that humor and satire are important in today’s world.  With all the fear mongering and bad news you see on TV these days, laughter is in more demand than ever!  So, (other than wanting to pass my class) I’m writing “Maybe We Are Stupid” to entertain and try to make people laugh.

UPDATE: (1/13/15)  My journalism class is over, but I really like blogging.  So, I’m going to keep at it!  If at any point my blog makes it look like the world is going down the tank, don’t worry!  Maybe we are stupid, but it could just be bad luck… maybe?

UPDATE: (3/1/16)  “Maybe We Are Stupid” has been going for a lot longer than I was expecting it to, now.  Pretty much nobody but my grandmother reads it, but I don’t mind.  This blog is a fun hobby to have.  I also like to imagine that in a thousand years, archeologists of the future will find this blog, and it will be the only record of our present day they have.  Boy, wouldn’t that confuse them!


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